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Good for Right Now & Sh*tty First Draft: Two Very Agile Mantras

In the world of group facilitation, sparking creativity and helping teams make decisions without getting bogged down by analysis paralysis or going down rabbit holes is quite the challenge. Language plays a crucial role, and we're excited to share two phrases that have proven to be game-changers for getting teams unstuck.

Good for Right Now & Sh*tty First Draft

Good for Right Now: Derived from the Agile Manifesto, this phrase is very handy in helping us get groups to align around strategies where it is more about WHAT we need to do and not HOW we will do it. "Good for Right Now" helps us get people to re-focus on the job to be done so they can see the finish line in the process and how it helps us move forward.

Sh*tty First Draft: Inspired by writers fighting "writer's block," this phrase is a powerful tool to release teams from the paralysis of perfection. At SeriouslyCreative, we encourage teams to view their ideas as evolving drafts, emphasizing momentum over the quest for perfection. The goal is to get a working version out the door and refine it over time.

These phrases aren't just theoretical concepts but practical tools our facilitators use to unstick teams from overthinking. By focusing on the process, teams can adjust, learn, and evolve as they move forward. To truly understand progress, you have to witness and feel it. The key is keeping the ball rolling, resetting expectations, and exercising patience with the learning process.

When it comes to innovation, progress isn't a destination; it's an ongoing journey. It's not about waiting for perfection but embracing imperfection and trusting the process. Welcome to SeriouslyCreative's agile wisdom, where the secret sauce is keeping the momentum alive so that we can #makechangehappen and #getthingsdone by design.


We wish you an incredible journey forward, and remember, we're here to assist if you need help getting unstuck. 😉 🚀


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