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A two-day intensive experience to master disciplined innovation.

Join Our Next Cohort on October 24th & 25th

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The Disruptive Leaders Camp (DLC) is a two-day intensive program designed to empower exceptional leaders to overcome challenges in today's dynamic business environment. Developed by SeriouslyCreative, this program promotes disciplined innovation and equips participants with essential disruptive skills and frameworks.

Learn to Master Disciplined Innovation

Through hands-on participation, problem-solving mindset, collaboration, and strategic thinking with real-world scenarios, attending leaders will gain the knowledge and tools to embrace change, take risks, and stay ahead in their respective fields.


This program is specifically designed for executives, managers, and entrepreneurs leading innovation and productivity efforts while effectively managing change within and outside their organizations.

Camp Outcomes

1. Leadership Skills for Disruption and Change

Apply the skills, mindset, and knowledge to effectively lead and navigate through disruption and constant change to drive transformational outcomes and inspire others to adapt and thrive.

2. Embracing Ambiguity and Leveraging Change

Develop a mindset that embraces ambiguity and uncertainty to view change as an opportunity for growth and progress and navigate complex and unpredictable situations using our "freedom within structure" approach.

3. Understanding Systems and Frameworks

4. Continuous Improvement and Innovation

Gain a thorough understanding of innovation systems and frameworks to create an environment that promotes and supports disruptive thinking to facilitate disruptive conversations and processes while effectively managing risks.

Embrace a culture of continuous improvement and innovation, fostering a mindset of curiosity and adaptability that challenges the status quo, rethinks traditional approaches, and explores new possibilities to drive meaningful.

DLC Methodology

Disciplined Innovation Frameworks
Our methodology is highly disruptive and does not follow linear or cyclical patterns. Instead, it serves as individual disciplines that provide frameworks to improve problem-solving approaches and effectively align individuals with desired outcomes in agile ways.
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Experience the DLC

During an intensive two-day experience, participants will enhance their leadership skills and mindset to thrive in today's dynamic business landscape.

Day 1

Deep Dive

Deepen the understanding of group interactions and sociometrics by discovering frameworks to facilitate meaningful conversations and purposeful discussions that leverage the dynamics of group behavior to drive positive outcomes.

Transformative Insights

Explore disruption and innovation principles to gain insights into leveraging ambiguity for creative problem-solving and cultivate a change-embracing mindset to drive meaningful transformation within your organization.

Day 2

Skill Mastery

Elevate your facilitation skills to lead discussions and exercises that foster disruptive thinking by identifying problems, uncovering opportunities, designing innovative solutions, and guiding teams through complex challenges.

Agile Shifts

Develop essential skills for providing valuable feedback, navigating uncertainty, and cultivating a culture of continuous improvement and collaboration by embracing agile ways of working.

Benefits for Participants

  • Acquire the skills to drive innovation and positive change.

  • Gain confidence and resilience as a leader.

  • Enhance career opportunities and become a valuable asset to your organization.

  • Develop a deep understanding of disruptive leadership concepts and frameworks.


Showcase your Framework Mastery


Access to Program Recap and Canvases


Certificate of Completion


Expert Guidance and Feedback


Access to a Private LinkedIn Community

Why DLC?

Only 18 Spots Per Camp

Join Us

Your Facilitator

The camp will be led by Angiemille Latorre, Chief Button Pusher and Co-founder of SeriouslyCreative, who will serve as a mentor and guide for the future disruptive leaders' community.


María Christian

Director - Lead Collaborative

"This camp provides an opportunity to learn about specific frameworks that encourage us to think and develop solutions for the challenges we face. It offers a focused approach to generating concrete ideas, which makes me enthusiastic and eager to participate."
  • What is facilitation, and how can it benefit my organization?
    Facilitation is a structured and collaborative process designed to help groups work together more effectively. It can benefit your organization by improving communication, problem-solving, decision-making, and creativity among team members.
  • What types of facilitation services do you offer?
    We offer tailored facilitation services, such as strategic planning, team-building, and conflict resolution, customized to your needs.
  • How is SeriouslyCreative different from others?
    We prioritize efficient results and creativity with our #PlayWithPurpose" methodology. Our focus is on pushing boundaries and achieving meaningful outcomes, all while enjoying the process.
  • Are your facilitators certified and experienced?
    Our facilitators are highly experienced and trained professionals, ensuring a high-quality facilitation experience. They hold relevant certifications and have a proven track record of facilitating successful sessions for various organizations and industries.
  • What outcomes can I expect from a facilitation session?
    Outcomes are tailored to your goals. Common outcomes include improved collaboration, clarified objectives, innovative solutions, enhanced decision-making, and a clear action plan.
  • How long does a typical facilitation session last?
    Session length varies based on your needs, from hours to days, determined during our initial consultation.
  • Is facilitation suitable for small teams as well as large organizations?
    Facilitation is suitable for small teams and large organizations; we adapt our approach accordingly.
  • How much time in advance do I need to request a proposal?
    Contact us as soon as you need facilitation. We recommend a few weeks' notice but can work with your timeline.
  • Can you facilitate virtual or remote sessions?
    We offer virtual facilitation for remote teams, utilizing various online platforms for interactive sessions.
  • What industries do you serve?
    We serve diverse industries, including corporate, nonprofit, government, healthcare, and education, adapting to your industry's unique challenges and goals.


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