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  • What is the duration of the program?
    The program is designed for two full consecutive days. During the first day, participants will engage in in-depth discussions on case studies and thoroughly analyze disruptive models and frameworks. On the second day, participants will lead dynamic exercises to generate disruptive solutions to various challenges. Participants need to attend both days to successfully complete the program and receive a certificate of completion.
  • Who is this camp for?
    This program is designed for executives, managers, and entrepreneurs who are leading innovation and productivity efforts while effectively managing change within and outside their organization.
  • Are meals and beverages included?
    Yes, meals and beverages will be provided for both days of the camp. Participants will be offered breakfast, lunch, and two snacks. A form will be sent to all participants to indicate their food preferences, and we will also ask for information regarding any food allergies.
  • Are materials included?
    Yes, all camp materials are included. Notebooks or computers are optional and not required for our activities and exercises.
  • Where will the camp take place?
    The camp will take place in the Metropolitan Area of Puerto Rico. You will receive the venue confirmation details in our event's "Getting Ready" email.
  • Do you offer group discounts?
    Yes, we offer group discounts for groups of 3 or more people. Additionally, for groups of more than 10 people, we provide a private session of the program. Please complete our assessment form so that we can contact you.
  • What is facilitation, and how can it benefit my organization?
    Facilitation is a structured and collaborative process designed to help groups work together more effectively. It can benefit your organization by improving communication, problem-solving, decision-making, and creativity among team members.
  • What types of facilitation services do you offer?
    We offer tailored facilitation services, such as strategic planning, team-building, and conflict resolution, customized to your needs.
  • How is SeriouslyCreative different from others?
    We prioritize efficient results and creativity with our #PlayWithPurpose" methodology. Our focus is on pushing boundaries and achieving meaningful outcomes, all while enjoying the process.
  • Are your facilitators certified and experienced?
    Our facilitators are highly experienced and trained professionals, ensuring a high-quality facilitation experience. They hold relevant certifications and have a proven track record of facilitating successful sessions for various organizations and industries.
  • What outcomes can I expect from a facilitation session?
    Outcomes are tailored to your goals. Common outcomes include improved collaboration, clarified objectives, innovative solutions, enhanced decision-making, and a clear action plan.
  • How long does a typical facilitation session last?
    Session length varies based on your needs, from hours to days, determined during our initial consultation.
  • Is facilitation suitable for small teams as well as large organizations?
    Facilitation is suitable for small teams and large organizations; we adapt our approach accordingly.
  • How much time in advance do I need to request a proposal?
    Contact us as soon as you need facilitation. We recommend a few weeks' notice but can work with your timeline.
  • Can you facilitate virtual or remote sessions?
    We offer virtual facilitation for remote teams, utilizing various online platforms for interactive sessions.
  • What industries do you serve?
    We serve diverse industries, including corporate, nonprofit, government, healthcare, and education, adapting to your industry's unique challenges and goals.

Please refer to our frequently asked questions. For more information, please contact us at

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