We are a strategy, problem solving and design thinking firm with a focus on delivering innovation, change and business growth


Nothing beats understanding your customer's needs really, really well. To do that we go out and dig deep for needs, behaviors and desires that become the actionable insights that fuel decision making and strategy.

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Through carefully crafted facilitations and business simulations, we get your team to do its best thinking, challenge assumptions and develop the solutions you need so you can get your innovation mojo going and move forward.

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Our Manifesto of Change and Business as Unusual Values

The Best Insights Are Never In The Office

Ideas are only as good as the insights they are built upon.  Too often businesses look to spreadsheets and analytical, verifiable data only as their source of understanding.  But most problems have a human element which means we need to understand them directly and in human ways by going out and asking, observing and trying.  This is what we call the Human Centric Advantage.

The Best Ideas Are Co-Created

We need the talents of everyone, not just experts, in order to produce great results.  This means bringing together multifunctional teams of diverse thinkers.  Sometimes it also means including clients, consumers and partners in your thinking.  But it also means that you and your people are the geniuses you have been waiting for.

Great Ideas Are Built, Not Born

There are no lightbulb idea or magic moments.  Great ideas are hard work.  Great ideas are the product of being willing to create many ideas, narrowing to some really good ones and then breaking and rebuilding them.  You have to be willing to go big and be willing to kill your own ideas if you want great solutions.

A Bias Towards Action Trumps Solid Theory

Instead of taking a guess on what works, we believe in prototyping it to see what really happens.  The best ideas rise to the top when we are willing to try it in some small way first.

It’s Not a Solution Until it WOWs!

Too often people fall in love with an idea because it sounds novel and interesting.  They pamper their idea with time and investment only to find out that it does work for the business.  We know that solutions need to wow both the consumers they are created for as well as the business stakeholder that must execute them.  If it doesn’t add value then it isn’t innovation.

People Are Smarter When They Are Having Fun

Working should be fun.  In fact, it has to be. People are more creative and productive when they let down their guard, put themselves totally into what they are doing and start collaborating with others.  We keep people engaged and moving and in the moment so we make sure we have their full attention and engagement.