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WE <3 Lightning Demos and You Should Too!


We are in love with the Lightning Demos tool and just wanted to share it with the world!

Lighting demos is a tool used for Design Sprints, but we've found it works beautifully for Roadmapping and Planning Sessions. Here's how:

As pre-work; we have clients do research on what we call "mindblowing" trends within and outside their industry. They come to the session ready to present their findings to each other (our favorite format for these presentations is literally: show and tell kindergarten style).

After doing that we have them think back at the presentations and pick the top 3-5 features that stood out as potential reference or inspiration for our challenge. They are then to post them up gallery-style. Later on, when the team is ready for ideation, they can come back to that gallery for inspiration. It is so dynamic!

This technique is sure to get them thinking bigger and bolder, plus it shows them that innovation is no just about new ideas, but using existing ones as inspiration and reference for solving our own challenges in new and exciting ways. Such a practical, versatile and powerful tool we could not keep it for ourselves and needed to share


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By: Angiemille Latorre

Cofounder of SeriouslyCreative

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