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Welcome to Business as UNSUAL

Because the world of business is changing fast. Those who were not competitors a year ago now pound at your door. Last year’s competitive advantage is this years old news.

What you though was a best practice is already replaced with the next practice. Yes, we live in a world of rapid, disruptive and transformative change.

Size, capitalization, proximity - all the old advantages of business as usual no longer protect us from these waves of change. Today small, agile and innovative startups unseat and even end established legacy businesses. Kodak, Boarders and Blockbuster all lead their industries and had perceived insurmountable competitive advantages and economies of scale. What they have proven in bankruptcy is that if you don’t innovate you perish.

Business today demands we innovate. It constantly forces us forward to seek the next advantage, to better serve customers, to build value around deep consumer needs, to challenge the status quo, explore new opportunities and to suspend our normal judgements. It is only by staying ahead of the waves of change that we survive. Those who have learned how to manage in this chaotic race make change their advantage while others become the victim of it.

To master innovation businesses need to learn new skills. We call them Business as UNusual. It means we need to look behind current business models and peek into the future and it takes pulling from a diverse set of opinions from within and outside the organization. Innovation takes agility, creativity and discipline. It’s not about “anything goes” but more about matching the rigor of analysis with the independence of imagination.

The greatest thing is that to be creative and to deliver innovation can be learned, managed and made more predictable. It is both a mindset and a discipline, a set of skills matched with tools. You can do it and we are here to help.

By: Angiemille Latorre

Cofounder SeriouslyCreative

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