Team Facilitations: Solve problems creatively

We bring the right balance of the analytical thinking people are comfortable with the creative thinking needed to produce new results.  We do this in a step by step approach called IDEA Engineering.  This process breaks creative problem solving into sequential stages. It draws from a fast entrepreneurial approach to business startup while incorporating a human centric and prototype driven structure.  Our style is high energy, very visual, fast paced, very fun... but has serious focus and outcomes.

If you think how you always thought, you’ll always get what you always got. — Gerald Haman

Innovation [ideas, strategy and planning]

Agile Projects - Branding - Business Planning - Business Startup - Change Management Collaboration - Communication Strategy - Creative Confidence - Continuous Improvement Culture BuildingDesign Research  - Design Thinking -  Disruption - Engagement - Emerging Markets - Empowerment - Experience Design  Innovative Ideas - Interaction Design - Internal Systems - IntrapreneurshipOrganizational Development -  Positioning - Problem Solving Product Development - Productivity - Roles and Responsibilities - Service Design - SimplificationSocial Innovation - Space Design - Story Telling - Strategic Planning - Strategic Visioning - Sustainability - Systems Design - Technology Strategy - Teambuilding  - User Experience

We get you and your team to do your best thinking, look at the whole and real problem and break from the gravity of the status quo.  This helps you challenge the assumptions of your day-to-day operations and develop solutions that transform your situation so you can confidently and successfully move forward.  

Our disruptive style, makes meetings work.  Through collaborative play, visualizations and business simulations, we get businesses to the transformative solutions they seek faster. 

Popular Innovation Facilitations:  

1-2 day Huddles, 3-6 Week Sprints, 100 Day Hikes - Ideations - IdeaVille - Journeys - Kill the Company - SolutionSessions - Start it Up - Decision Making Camp - Prototyping Studio - Strategic Visioning - Transformer

Visual facilitation as product of a Journey facilitation

Engaging hearts and minds to build stronger, collaborative teams.

teambuilding [culture, purpose and alignment]

Assertiveness  - Better Understanding - Change ManagementCollaboration - Communication Creative Confidence - Continuous ImprovementCulture Building - Design Thinking -  Disruption - DiversityEngagement - Empowerment - InclusionInnovative Ideas - Intrapreneurship - Organizational Development - Proactiveness - Problem Solving -  Productivity - Purpose - Roles and Responsibilities - Simplification - Story Telling - Strategic VisioningTeambuilding  - Think Outside the Box

Success in business today is about collaborative teams that can rapidly come together to solve problems, design new ideas and overcome any challenge by out-pacing, out-working, out-thinking and out-creating the competition.

Our sessions are designed to be collaborative play.  They are not just fun and games, but carefully engineered to meet the specific needs of your team. We get people to improve their creative confidence, communication and engagement as they come up with solutions together, prototype and understand what is expected of them so they can walk the talk! Better yet, in work environments with demographic and cultural diversity, our sessions serve as a non-physical option fit for every shape and age and worthwhile investment for any organization. Teams have fun, but take away so much more. 

Popular Teambuilding Facilitations: 

Amazing Race - Appreciation Day - Back to Basics - Brain Lab - Business Impro - Business as UNusual - Change Happens - Creative Jumpstart - Journey - Leading Innovation - Mission Mars - Press Reset Day - Radically Collaborative - Start it Up - Superhero Academy - What If

These are often available in Keynote Speech Version to groups 100-300 persons. 

Fun closing to a SuperHero Academy team session.

Fun closing to a SuperHero Academy team session.

No boring lectures. No 15 bullet point slides. Our workshops are about amplifying human potential.

building capabilities [active participation workshops]

Agile Projects  - Branding - Business Planning - Business Startup - Change Management - Communication Strategy - Creative Confidence - Continuous Improvement - Innovation - Intrapreneurship - Culture Building - Design Research  - Design Thinking -  Emerging Markets - Experience Design  Interaction Design -  Personal Branding - PositioningProblem Solving  - Productivity - Service Design - Story Telling - Strategic Planning - Strategic Visioning  - User Experience

SeriouslyCreative helps organizations who need their people to develop the skills of tomorrow; TODAY. Innovation is less about what you know and more about how you think. 

Principally, through our Idea Engineering™ Bootcamps, we teach people the new cognitive mindset that drives the world’s most innovative companies by immersing participants in real world exercises, teaching easily-applicable techniques and following up to ensure that what we discuss is effectively applied.

We have also designed several other workshops including “ready to wear” tips and techniques to improve leadership and professional performance at organizations.

Our workshops are dynamic, practical, interesting, collaborative and fun.  

Popular Workshops:

Business Impro for Agile Teams - Building Successful Communication Strategy - Business as UNusual - Continuous Improvement - Creative Jumpstart - Human Centric 101 - Human Centric Culture Camp - Leading Innovation - Learn Design Thinking - Start it Up (intrapreneurship) Walk the Talk (Personal Branding) - Presentations that Rock - Productive Meetings and more...

Most are available in Keynote Speech Version to groups 100-300 persons. 

Prototyping ideas as part of our Learn Design Thinking workshops.

Prototyping ideas as part of our Learn Design Thinking workshops.

Additional Products and Collaborations:


Are you achieving your business goals?

#FreshStart is an intensive 6 week growth reboot program to help companies further develop their offering, identify new drivers and bootstraps into profitability. We help facilitate this program in collaboration with the amazing people of DuartePino, an advisory fir that combines in-depth customer knowledge with practical expertise in marketing, communications, bringing real world experience and perspective to crystalize strategy and manage implementation. 

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