We have the privilege of partnering with great clients from a wide diversity of fields with a wide variety of challenges (and opportunities.) We have worked with large pharmaceuticals pivoting around changes in their industry, high tech companies launching new products, consumer goods trying to create loyal consumers, associations looking to be relevant and add value to their membership, startups looking to build upon a disruptive idea and a non-profit finding new ways to improve the lives of those they serve.

SeriouslyCreative is proud to have over 150 clients internationally. Listing them all would take a little time so we thought we’d pull a few well known names from the list. We also have testimonials from some fans regarding positive experiences with our service. If you’d like to hear what they are saying please read on at the bottom of this page.

among our clients, are...


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Dana is a great idea generator and business partner to work with. We hired Dana to facilitate an Innovation Forum with our Management Team and a few other selected employees. Right from the start Dana was eager to understand our current needs and priorities, our goals after the session as well as our expectations during the workshop. Dana and his partner Angiemillie work synergistically to deliver an energizing experience where all team members collaborate and have fun coming up with literally hundreds of ideas and, most importantly, a good number of concrete action plans to achieve your business objectives. Our team came out of the meeting inspired with a number of invaluable ideas we have already implemented for the benefit of our business and customers. It was really a pleasure to work with Dana and his team and I unreservedly recommend him as a great creative partner and idea sparking catalyst.

-pharmaceutical company

 Angie, thank you for your delivery during last week's session. How you managed to have energy and guide 30 different organizations and a total of almost 300 persons for two intense full days is truly amazing. Moreover, the insights we discovered and ideas that came from the session are things we believe will accelerate each of our projects in a great way.  Our group is so grateful for you, your time and making us a better team. Keep up that energy and passion in what you do. It is contagious.


Let me start by saying that for the our team, SeriouslyCreative is our home away from the office. It’s the place we resort whenever as a team we need to brainstorm, ideate, plan strategically or tackle a complex situation.


Our team is always treated as family by the SeriouslyCreative team, the environment under which they operate just breathes Creativity. When in SeriouslyCreative you can’t help but let go of the day to day work and really focus on the task at hand because the environment is unlike any other in Puerto Rico or even the world (as I have heard say from International facilitators and ____ International Management that have joined us in sessions with the SeriouslyCreative team).


I cannot say enough about Angie and Dana, they are both very enthusiastic, creative and professional people. Their mission is always to push the team to find great ideas, to challenge assumptions and think out of the box. They bring great energy to the table and engage all team members when facilitating as they use a very dynamic approach to moderation and facilitation.

In terms of results seen: I can say, for the past two years the foundation for our region Strategic Marketing Plans where built within the dimensions of SeriouslyCreative, with the guidance and moderation of Dana Montenegro,  Modesty apart, our plans are among the best and strongest in the region, used as Best Practice for other _____markets. Also these plans translated into great results, as we just closed the fiscal year as the top performing market within our region. Certainly one cannot attribute this achievement to Seriously Creative alone, yet I’m certain that the role they have played in facilitating and guiding our team is imprinted and embedded within our team’s success.

-consumer products

I wanted to also thank you for your contribution to our meeting. Everyone, without exception, absolutely loved Dana’s keynote, the illustration of our short term and long term goals guided by our vision and purpose, and the post it’s exercise which we are already working with as to address and implement the most prevailing (happy faces ideas). It definitely was something different and we also look forward to working with you guys in the future. As a matter of fact, I have requested our procurement people to request a quote for our Marketing Department on your IDEA Engineering workshop at Seriously Creative. You guys really grasped what our needs were and what our company is all about and contributed in a non traditional way, which is something we needed, totally awesome!!!.

-food company

One year later, we still have ideas from your facilitated brainstorming that we are looking to implement. I think we have ideas for about 2 more years. Thank you!

- pharmaceutical company

What a powerful session! I would never have imagined getting all our different and competing suppliers on board working as a true team on all ideas that you helped us create. We came to you for a brainstorming and got a teambuilding as bonus! We came out of a day’s session with 4 game-changing ideas, all implemented successfully within 6 months. Moreover, everyone remained committed to working toward the same goal. I thought that was impossible and you made it a huge success.

- technology company

Three weeks later we have 2 great ideas already implemented that are making us money.

- technology company

Up to date, we usually have 10% of registrations for our convention secured. This year we are up to 30%. This convention promises to be record breaking and we credit this to the innovative ideas that came from our idea session with SeriouslyCreative.

- association