Gathering insights and research - Big insights equals big benefits. 

The fuel of great decision making, better brand development, strategies of growth and products that resonate are deep, actionable insights into the minds of consumers.  But all the focus groups and surveys organizations do they find little that guides their next move.  Why? 

While traditional research is good for bench-marking past behavior, design research is the way modern organizations guarantee improved future performance and decision making.  It is about going beyond the “what” and understanding the “why” of people, problems and drivers.  Our design approach looks at individual motivations, perspectives, pain points and desired outcomes all in order to deliver deeper, actionable insights that help clients confidently design engaging products, services, messages and business models.

We dig deep to uncover your consumer needs, behaviors and desires.  To do this, we believe in GETTING OUT OF THE OFFICE, talking to people and asking tons of questions that dig deeper than simple “on a scale of 1-10” or “which of these options do you most like.”  We know that what is really valuable is the deeper meaning - those things that people cannot easily express in words.  And we know that you often have to be in the context of how people use a product or service - standing in the line, using the product in their home, watching them as they search for information on line - in order to understand what their true need is.  We also know how to find the truth by asking people about their real experiences, their stories, things expressed when we start out by asking “tell me about the last time you….”

 We then come back to you with  more than just excel bars and graphs.  We deliver ACTIONABLE INSIGHTS that help guide you to real competitive advantages so you can deliver a value adding product, service or craft a message that is truly meaningful and impactful.

If you have data, we can help you validate it and make actionable.  If you need the insights, we can go out on an expedition with you. Alternatively, if you just need the work done 100%, we can do that too and come back to you with all the insights ready for an unpack.

What is Design Research useful for? Brand Development, Service Innovation, Strategic Research, Digital Interaction, Organizational Innovation, Product Strategy and more...

Popular packages: Deep Dives - Consumer Date Nights - User Experience Audits - User Journeys and more

Internal unpack session after deep dive research project.

Internal unpack session after deep dive research project.