Over 160 clients include Adidas, Revlon, Abbott, Pharmaceutical Industry Association, J&J, Eli Lilly, Banco Popular, General Mills, Mars, Kimberly Clark, GFR, Neuenergy, Foundation for Puerto Rico among others...

Here's some things our clients say about us:

“Dana is a great idea generator and business partner to work with. We hired Dana to facilitate an Innovation Forum with our Management Team and a few other selected employees. Right from the start Dana was eager to understand our current needs and priorities, our goals after the session as well as our expectations during the workshop. Dana and his partner Angiemille work synergistically to deliver an energizing experience where all team members collaborate and have fun coming up with literally hundreds of ideas and, most importantly, a good number of concrete action plans to achieve your business objectives. Our team came out of the meeting inspired with a number of invaluable ideas we have already implemented for the benefit of our business and customers. It was really a pleasure to work with Dana and his team and I unreservedly recommend him as a great creative partner and idea sparking catalyst.

-pharmaceutical company

“Let me start by saying that for the our team, SeriouslyCreative is our home away from the office. It’s the place we resort whenever as a team we need to brainstorm, ideate, plan strategically or tackle a complex situation.

Our team is always treated as family by the SeriouslyCreative team, the environment under which they operate just breathes Creativity. When in SeriouslyCreative you can’t help but let go of the day to day work and really focus on the task at hand because the environment is unlike any other in Puerto Rico or even the world (as I have heard say from International facilitators and ____ International Management that have joined us in sessions with the SeriouslyCreative team).

I cannot say enough about Angie and Dana, they are both very enthusiastic, creative and professional people. Their mission is always to push the team to find great ideas, to challenge assumptions and think out of the box. They bring great energy to the table and engage all team members when facilitating as they use a very dynamic approach to moderation and facilitation.

In terms of results seen: I can say, for the past two years the foundation for our region Strategic Marketing Plans where built within the dimensions of SeriouslyCreative, with the guidance and moderation of Dana Montenegro. Modesty apart, our plans are among the best and strongest in the region, used as Best Practice for other _____markets. Also these plans translated into great results, as we just closed the fiscal year as the top performing market within our region. Certainly one cannot attribute this achievement to Seriously Creative alone, yet I’m certain that the role they have played in facilitating and guiding our team is imprinted and embedded within our team’s success.”     

- food company


“Thank you Angie. I have not had this much fun since I last visited Disney World! I forgot we were working.”                               -technology company 



Dana montenegro, chief idea catalyst & Idea Engineer

Dana Victor Montenegro(the Creative one), is co-founder of SeriouslyCreative.  He spends much of his time applying IDEAengineering™ to our clients specific innovation and challenges.  With nearly 25 years of professional experience he brings a wealth of practical knowledge to every sort of challenge from developing new products, new services, create new business models, solving internal problems and even creating social impact.  

In 2009 Dana and Martin Baker or Inotivity created IDEAengineering as a way to bring together the best practices from varying approaches to business problem solving including Creative Problem Solving (CPS), LEAN, Appreciative Inquiry and especially Design Thinking.  Their approach is heavily influenced by Dana’s previous work as Driver of Culture, Innovation and Inspiration for Red Bull Energy Drink GmbH.  

Dana is also co-founder of a green technology startup . He lives in San Juan, Puerto Rico with his wife Angie and their two children, Sebastian and Amelie.

> For more on Dana Montenegro, visit his LinkedIn page here


angiemille latorre, chief button pusher & idea activator

Angiemille, (the Serious One), is co-founder of SeriouslyCreative. 

Before founding SeriouslyCreative in 2006, Angiemille worked in advertising, marketing and communications for over 15 years.  Her collaborative work earned her distinctions in Communication Arts Magazine and Sales and Marketing Executives of Puerto Rico, for clients such was Rums of Puerto Rico and Garnier. 

In 2013 she was chosen for Caribbean Business’ list Women to Watch and as Businessperson of the Year by the Puerto Rico Chamber of Commerce.  In2014, she made the cover of INdice for their Women Leader’s section.

Angie is also a proud mother and powerful woman who serves on the Board of the Boys and Girls Clubs of Puerto Rico and advisory boards for Foundation for Puerto Rico, Fundación Banco Popular, Escape, Jóvenes de Puerto Rico en Riesgo and Echar Pa Lante in matters related to woman leadership, social innovation, entrepreneurship and education in Puerto Rico. 

> For more on Angiemille, visit her LinkedIn page here

alexandra suarez, Lead diver and strategist 

Alexandra (the Planner) graduated Cornell University and pursued an MBA in Consumer Behavior from ESADE University in Barcelona.  She lived in NY, Spain and South Africa and traveled to over 40 countries before moving back to Puerto Rico to work in Consumer Research and Strategic Account Planning for over 15 years.  

"As we enter the Creative Era, innovative thinking and strategy become more relevant because businesses and consumers are constantly changing."    As our Strategist, Alexandra uses her creative multicultural background to bring the unconventional thinking , leadership and creativity that are always at the core of successful brands.  

Connecting dots, synthesizing and engaging teams with diverse creative tools is instinctive for her.  Her ultimate goal is always to understand the underlying issues to accurately diagnose and solve the problem. Once this is clear, it is easier to inspire the insights, ideas and actions needed to attack the problem, not the symptoms.

Alexandra has spent most of her career questioning irregularities, challenging people and stimulating the kind of action that allows businesses to grow from within.  She is truly passionate and approaches every project with the desire to change the world.  Therefore she is always willing to roll up her sleeves to help clients transform ambitions into accomplishments.

> For more on Alexandra, visit her LinkedIn page here

Our team is also comprised of a diverse group of thinkers and collaborators including:  An anthropologist, psychologist, architect, entrepreneur, college student, event producer, graphic designer, film-maker and actress, among others.